Why a Knee walker?

Knee walkers, or knee scooters as they are sometimes called, are fast replacing crutches as the chosen way to get around after an ankle or foot injury or surgery.  Knee walkers are far easier and more comfortable to use than crutches and offer the user much greater stability and efficiency.  What’s more is that you are actually able to recover faster from your injury or surgery by using a knee walker.  When you use crutches, the muscles and the bone density of your injured leg often atrophy due to lack of use.  When you use a knee walker, you employ the muscles around your knee, hip, and trunk of the affected leg.  That activity helps improve circulation in your affected leg while keeping the muscles in both your affected and non-affected leg strong and healthy.  In addition, the use of a knee walker can benefit both your cardiovascular health and your mental well-being by allowing you to remain more active and able to resume more of your normal daily activities.

Here are some great reasons why a knee walker is better than crutches:

  • Offers a way to get around that is easier, safer and a lot more fun than crutches
  • Allows you to use your hands and arms while you’re stationary
  • Avoids the arm, armpit and back pain associated with using crutches
  • Allows you to get from place to place much faster than crutches
  • Reduces muscle atrophy and improves circulation in your affected leg
  • Promotes a healthy mental outlook by restoring your freedom
  • Provides greater stability than crutches so you’re less likely to fall and incur further injury
  • Partially elevates your affected leg during use resulting in less pain and swelling
  • Can be used as a bench anytime you need to sit down and rest
  • Can be used as a stool to elevate your affected leg
  • Folds in seconds for transport or storage (no need to disassemble)
  • Includes a basket or tote bag to carry those essential things you just can’t travel without.