Which Knee Walker should I choose?

For most people, the Drive DV8 does the trick. Some people even choose to rent more than one knee walker. They rent a Drive DV8 Knee Walker for home and office use and a KneeRover All Terrain Scooter for their outdoor use. Others, who live in a two story home, sometimes rent two Drive DV8 scooters and keep one on each level.

Are there Height, Age or Weight restrictions?

Height: 50 Inches +

Age: No specific age, we base the use upon height and weight. Wheel Easy's youngest client is 4 years old. 

Weight: 260lbs + please let us know upon completing your order so we can ensure we are placing you on the correct walker.     

Does insurance cover my Knee Walker rental?

Most private medical plans and Blue Cross plans provide coverage for renting knee walkers under the category of Medical Appliance Rentals. Be sure to ask your doctor to write you a prescription for a knee walker in order to get reimbursement for your rental from your health plan insurer. If you plan on renting more than one knee walker, ask your doctor to note that in the prescription as some plans will cover the costs of more than one knee walker rental. Should you be uncertain as to your medical plan coverage, check with your insurer and ask what your plan covers under Medical Appliance Rentals. Knee walkers are considered medical appliances by the Canada Revenue Agency and are accordingly exempt from GST charges.

Will my Knee Walker be in good condition?

Absolutely! We clean and disinfect all of our knee walkers and check them over prior to renting them out to ensure they are functioning properly.

How long should I rent a Knee Walker for?

You should rent your knee walker for the total period of time that your doctor has ordered you to be non-weight bearing. In addition, many people find that even after they have been allowed to weight bear, they still require use of their knee walker since learning to walk again on an injured foot can sometimes be a lengthy process. Also, if you have surgery planned, we suggest that you rent your knee walker a few days in advance so that you can become familiar with its use and then bring it to the hospital with you on your day of surgery.

Is there a minimal rental period?

Yes. Our minimal rental period is 1 week.

What day does my rental period begin?

Your rental period and rental charges begin on the day your knee walker is delivered to you.

What if I decide that I can't use or don't like my Knee Walker?

No problem your satisfaction is guaranteed. Just let us know within 12 hours of delivery and we will pick up the knee walker and reimburse you for the rental charge. Please note, there will be a $25 charge to cover the cost of handling the knee walker's return.

What happens if I damage my Knee Walker?

We expect normal wear and tear to occur on the tires, knee pads, handle grips and brakes. If the knee walker is used improperly and damage occurs, the renter will be charged accordingly up to the retail cost of the product.

What if my Knee Walker requires repair during my rental?

If you have any questions on how to use the knee walker or experience any problems using the knee walker, please contact us immediately. We will do our best to resolve any problems that you may experience whether it be by providing the necessary information to resolve the problem yourself or by us sending you a replacement product. Your satisfaction is very important to us!

Can I go up or down stairs on a Knee Walker?

Sorry, no. As heavenly as your knee walker will seem to be once you start using it, you are grounded when it comes to stairs. Luckily, most places today are adapted for use by people using wheelchairs or pushing strollers, so you will be okay. You may want to keep a pair of crutches around if you have to do stairs at home. However most people find that stairs and crutches are a dangerous mix and handle stairs by just scooting up or down on their bottoms.

Do you rent outside Calgary?

Yes, depending on your location!