Customer Reviews

What some of our customers had to say:

Miriam C. (DV8 Renter) "A five-star business! 5 weeks ago I was absolutely exhausted from "crutching" due to a broken foot. My surgeon recommended Wheel Easy. They did not disappoint. The Wheel Easy is an amazing invention. I wish I'd had one for home and one for work! Took it with me to a big conference last week and it was of interest to all. Highly recommend Brent and Nila Jespersen's management and help to those who are incapacitated. Wheel Easy is a great invention!

Nancy S. (DV8 renter): "The knee wheeler is the best invention ever!!!!"

Judy D. (DV8 renter): "My knee scooter was fabulous. I don't know what I would have done without it."

Amanda T: Thanks Wheel Easy. Even though I'm not having to use my scooter very often, it's been such a great assistance to me."

Donna F. (DV8 renter): "Everything is great with my little scooter. I am able to cook dinner, clean the kitchen and do laundry. So now the house doesn't seem to be falling apart! Even took the dog for a walk to get the mail today. It's nice to have that freedom!"

Lori M. (DV8 renter): "Love my knee scooter!"