Wheel Easy’s first famous client

May 12, 2015 Brent Jespersen

In the December 21st game between the Calgary Flames and the Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary’s formidable Left Winger Curtis Glencross suffered a high-ankle sprain after sliding into the boards feet first. It was a devastating non-weight bearing injury that would see him side-lined for several weeks. Although he wasn’t lacing up his skates, Curtis still had to train and keep up with his team and was finding that his crutches were slowing him down. That’s when the Flames’ trainer contacted Wheel Easy and we arranged to set Curtis up with a DV8 knee walker. Curtis was very happy with his scooter (wheels beat crutches every time!) and used the scooter while waiting for his ankle to heal. Happily on March 12th, Curtis was back in the Flames line-up. There’s no denying that Curtis has recovered 110% from his injury seeing as how 10 days after getting back on the ice, he scored a hat trick against the Edmonton Oilers. The Flames may be out of the playoffs for this year, but Wheel Easy will be joining the rest of Calgary in cheering Curtis and the rest of the Calgary Flames onto victory next season.